Rock Out in Godzilla's World with $52,000 Guitar-zilla

New Godzilla Store offering presents a six-string skree-onk


The Alfee guitarist and absolute madman Toshihiko Takamizawa has a guitar shaped like Godzilla... and now, so can you!


The guitars are being manufactured by ESP Guitars, inspired by Takamizawa's legendary kaiju axe. The King of the Monsters forms the alder body of the guitar, with the hard maple neck serving as his tail.



Cooler still? It lights up... no word on whether it will shoot Atomic Breath, but we're hoping.



If you're eyeing one of these beauties for yourself, bear a couple things in mind. For one, there are only five of them being made. For another, each one will cost 5.55 million yen (about $52,000). Then again, 52 grand is a small price to pay for the ability to say, "Hey, want to see my light-up Godzilla guitar?"


>> Godzilla Guitar Order Page

Source: SoraNews24





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