Live in a Miniaturized Version of Evangelion’s Tokyo-3

Sailor Moon’s 90s based Azabu-Juban neighborhood will also be shown off

Small Worlds Tokyo - Evangelion Hanger


Your lifelong dream to live in Tokyo-3, home to NERV and frequently destroyed by Angels, can come true at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO alongside the Azabu-Juban area from Sailor Moon.


Dubbed the “Smallest Company in the World”, SMALL WORLDS will be holding the exhibition in Spring 2020 at Ariake, Tokyo. The exhibition will be recreating the “Evangelion Hangar Area”, modeled after where Unit 01 is being stored in NERV as well as the above ground “Evangelion New Tokyo 3 City Area” at 1/80 scale.


Small Worlds Tokyo - Tokyo-3


Applications for moving into the small city open on August 9, and will cost 19,800 yen (roughly $186 USD) for adults, and 17,600 yen (roughly $165 USD) for those under 18 years old. Unfortunately, you can’t physically move into the tiny town, but they will create a 3D scanned figure of you and place you inside the city. Hopefully the third impact doesn't affect housing prices!


The Tokyo-based Azabu-Juban neighbourhood from Sailor Moon will also be re-created at a miniature size. The scale city will be based off the first four volumes of the manga rather than the anime series. Showcased will be the streets around where Usagi lives, 90s flair and all! You can even see Tuxedo Mask hanging out on a roof-top.


Small Worlds Tokyo - Azuban Juban


Other places that are being miniaturized for the SMALL WORLDS TOKYO exhibition include a Tokyo Area (though which area hasn’t been decided), Kansai International Airport, and a Space Center Area with a shuttle being launched that was produced by Shōji Kawamori, original creator of Macross and AKB0048.


Small Worlds Tokyo - Space Center Area


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