Erwin Joins DOLK's Attack on Titan Ball-Jointed Cast Doll Collection

Levi's "Survey Corps" version doll will be also re-released at the same time


Following Levi released in four editions, which were sold out immediately, Osaka-based company Vodaless' online store DOLK will start accepting pre-orders for a 70 cm-tall ball-jointed cast doll inspired by Erwin Smith, the second character from the Attack on Titan franchise, on August 13, 2019.


The company introduces its brand new item as below: 


In response to the needs of everyone, as the fifth edition of the "Attack on Titan" character doll series, finally the "Commander Erwin" is appeared as a cast doll! He plays an important role in his work, has a ruthless side that throws away the life of his companions for the purpose, but for that reason, Erwin has received a lot of trust from members including Levi. This time, I.O.S, who matched the realistic appearance, was in charge of the production. With the face makeup of the line running from the beginning of the eye to the cheek, the parting of the blond hair, and the eyes that emit a sharp light, it finished with giving the unforgivable confidence of Erwin.


The price for the doll set including a loop tie, the Survey Corps jacket, a belly protector, long boots, a cloak, and of course the vertical maneuvering equipment with the ultrahard steel blades, is 167,500 yen (before tax/about 1,585 US dollars). Pre-orders will be accepted until September 16, and its scheduled shipping date is May 2020.






At the same time in May 2020, Levi's "Survey Corps" version doll will be re-released, seven years after its original release in 2013. 





Source: Vodaless press release


© Hajime Isayama, KODANSHA/"Attack on Titan" Production Committee


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