Cuteness Reigns at Sanrio/Love Live! Crossover Event

μ's, Aqours, and Saint Snow collab with Sanrio characters for limited-time menu and merch


Is there any possible way to make school idols better? Team them up with Hello Kitty, My Melody, and the rest of your favorite Sanrio characters!


The brand (which has previously collaborated with Pop Team Epic, Fate/Grand Order, and many other titles) is setting its sights on Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! for their next collab café. Fan-favorite Sanrio characters are pairing off with the girls of μ's, Aqours, and rival idol duo Saint Snow—making for a total of 20 idols represented in the event.

Each menu item is inspired by a trio of school idols, with each contributing a dish. Chow down with the members of μ's with the First Years' "Surprising Combo" plate, the Second Years' "Bread Is the Star!" plate, or the Third Years' "Maxed-Out Full Marks" plate:



Aqours has dessert covered with the First Years' "Yay Yay! Sugary Dessert" plate, the Second Years' "Delicious Class Celebrity! Refreshing Royal Dessert" plate, or the Third Years' "Perfect Balance Adult Dessert" plate. Saint Snow, meanwhile, inspires twin parfaits:



 There will also be sodas and sweet drinks theme after each class within both series.


You can get the adorable crossover art on coasters when you order a drink, or on some of the café's merchandise. Keyrings, magnets, rulers, mugs, and more will be available for purchase:



The event will run at Tokyo's Harajuku Box CAFE&SPACE from August 16 to October 14, and at Osaka's Umeda Box CAFE&SPACE from Septemebr 27 to October 27.


>> Love Live! Series x Sanrio Characters Cafe Website

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