Kemono Friends Takes Over National Baseball Tournament with Tanoshii~

Anime songs are becoming a staple of the Koshien inter-school national tournament

Kemono Friends


The friendship of the animals from Japari Park was felt in Hanshin Koshien Stadium as Uwajima Higashi High School took to the field on August 12. The cheer squad for Uwajima Higashi High School used the Kemono Friends anime opening “Welcome to Japari Park” as their motivational anthem for the season.



If you listen closely, you can hear people singing along to the chart topping anime opening!


Yesterday, we reported that during the Ritsumeikan Uji vs. Seiryo baseball match at the 101st Koshien, a national inter-school baseball tournament with schools from all over Japan participating, Ritsumeikan Uji played the opening from Sound! Euphonium in memory of the attack on Kyoto Animation.


Uwajima Higashi High School has a direct connection with the song, as the songwriter, Masayoshi Oishi, attended the school in Ehime prefecture. While he wasn’t in the baseball team – he actually played soccer for the school – he was overjoyed on Twitter at hearing the theme he wrote being played in Nishinomiya, where the baseball tournament is held every year.



It seems anime songs don’t help teams win baseball games, as Uwajima Higashi High School lost to Ube Rikijo High School 7-3. The 101st Koshien continues on Friday after a delay due to a typhoon that will hit Western Japan on Thursday.


Which anime song do you want to see being used next? Let us know down below!


Source: Otakomu, tellerreport


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