Chuni Intensifies in "Young disease outburst Boy" TV Anime Trailer

Vocaloid song to light novel to TV anime adaptation hits Japanese airwaves in October of 2019

Kazuhiro Nakamura strikes an overly dramatic pose in the Chubyou-Gekihatsu Boy TV anime.


Kids get a severe case of "middle-school syndrome" in a new trailer for Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy ("Young disease outburst Boy"), an upcoming TV anime based on the 2015 Vocaloid song by rerulili and kagomeP about a high school girl whose ordinary life is disrupted when she befriends a group of boys suffering from severe delusions of grandeur.


A key visual featuring the main cast of Chubyo-Gekihatsu Boy: one ordinary girl and five boys with severe "middle school syndrome".


Additionally, the opening theme song perfomers for Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy have been revealed. The opening theme song, a cover of "Chubyo-Gekihatsu Boy", will be performed in-character by the Minakami High School Hero Club, a voice unit composed of Yamato Noda (CV: Daiki Yamashita), Tomoki Takashima (CV: Shugo Nakamura), Kazuhiro Nakamura (CV: Hideaki Kabumoto), Rei Tsukumo (CV: Jun Enoki), and Futaba Kuriya (CV: Rikuya Yasuda).



The story of Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy follows Mizuki Kyoji, an ordinary high school student who transfers to a new school about halfway through her high school career. After changing schools, Mizuki encounters five young men who are suffering from "chunibyou": Noda, a young man who wants to be a superhero; Takashima, a handsome young man who is also an incorrigible otaku; Nakamura, a young man who claims to be the reincarnation of an angel or a devil; Tsukumo, a young man who claims to be a secret political power broker; and Mikuriya, a young man who seems normal at first, but who is actually an extremely narcissistic (and tone-deaf) would-be idol.


A key visual for the Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy TV anime, featuring the main cast of very delusional teenage boys and the heroine protagonist.


Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy is directed by Kazuya Ichikawa and features animation production by Studio Deen. The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and BS11 beginning in October of 2019.



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