The Boys of Tsukiuta Get Real in New Live-Action Film

Members of SOARA star in the 3D take on the 2.5D franchise


The fictional talent agency known as TsukiPro has gained a following for itself with Tsukiuta, a series of mixed media projects showcasing its various idol characters. After a successful jump to anime, the boys of TsukiPro are making their way to live-action.


One of the groups within TsukiPro, SOARA, will take the lead in the project's first live-action feature, titled LET IT BE -You Exist to Be You-. The film will tell the story of the group's beginnings, and feature cameo appearances from voice actors involved in SolidS and Growth, two more groups in TsukiPro.


A series of stills from the upcoming film has been released:



The project's stage cast will be returning to play the members of SOARA:


Sora Ohara: Ryusei Hotta

Morihito Arihara: Mashu Ishiwatari

Soshi Kagurazaka: Chihiro Yoshida

Ren Munakata: Shinichiro Ueda

Nozomu Nanase: Chiharu Sawashiro


LET IT BE -You Exist to Be You- will premiere at Ikebukuro's HUMAX Cinema on October 4 for a limited run.


>> LET IT BE -You Exist to Be You- Website

Source: Anime! Anime!





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