Kotodama Shoujo Virtual Project Reveals Key Visual and Main Story

Avex's original project plans to include anime


The official website for avex's new virtual project "Kotodama Shoujo" is updated with a key visual featuring the four members of its main rap unit "Microphone Soul Spinners", and also introduced its main story. 


Key visual:




Main story:


This is a star training high school, "Saint Hierarchy Academy." There is a certain drink in the hands of the highest-level girls in its hierarchy who rule this strongest girls school in the history. That is "Hieraru Milk" that can be taken only from the legendary "Hieraru Beef." Once you drink a sip of it, you will start shining and gain a ton of jobs. It is "A Drop of God" only for the top of the hierarchy. To get it, you have to win the battle in the school. This year's theme is rap battle, which is the highest competition of self-expression. This is a story about four girls who belong to the lowest group of the school, and their success to the top after encountering rap battle performances.




An open audition for the cast of the four-member virtual rap unit "Microphone Soul Spinners": Lime Mukouda, Shiika Yosano, Himawari Kawabata, and Chieri Villeneuve, has already begun. The "Start Dash" events by the audition's first qualifiers have started streaming on SHOWROOM from today.







Source: "Kotodama Shoujo" project official website / Twitter


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