PreCure Defends Sanrio Puroland During Hello Kitty Crossover

New items and live events in store for fans of all things pretty


Emissaries of light and emissaries of cuteness join forces at Sanrio Puroland, when Hello Kitty and Mimmy team up with the original PreCure!


The festivities come just after the magical girl franchise's 15th anniversary year, and Sanrio is crossing the event over with Hello Kitty's own 45th anniversary. As with all things Sanrio and PreCure, that means lots of adorable merch! In this case, Kitty and Mimmy are cosplaying alongside Cure Black and Cure White.


Check out a few of the goods on offer from both Premium Bandai, Bandai Collection, and Sanrio stores:



Plus, visitors to theme park Sanrio Puroland can enjoy a live event on September 23. Kitty, Mimmy, Cure Black, and Cure White will all be in attendance as costumed characters. Plus there will be a talk show event with Morning Musume graduates Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Takahashi, as well as PreCure theme singer Mayumi Gojo.


>> Pretty Cure x Hello Kitty Collaboration Page

>> Sanrio Puroland Website

Source: Anime! Anime!





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