Sanrio Mascot Mewkle Dreamy Dreams Up a TV Anime for Spring of 2020

Key staff and cast revealed for upcoming project about a living stuffed animal with the power to dreams

A banner image for Mewkle Dreamy, a Sanrio mascot character that appears as a purple kitten stuffed animal.


Mewkly Dreamy, a Sanrio mascot character who takes the form of a living purple kitten stuffed animal with the power to share dreams with people, is getting her own TV anime in the Spring season of 2020. The series is directed by Chiaki Kon and features screenplays by Hiroko Kanasugi and animation production by J.C. Staff. Additionally, the main character, Yume Hinata, is played by voice actress Natsumi Murakami.


A key visual for the upcoming Mewkle Dreamy TV anime, featuring the main character Yume Hinata and her friends.


The story of the Mewkle Dreamy TV anime follows Yume Hinata, an ordinary first year junior high school student who one day picks up a mysterious, lilac-colored stuffed animal that falls from the sky. The stuffed animal, Mew, can walk and talk and also has the magical ability of "Yume Synchro", which allows her to share the same dreams with her friends. Later that night, Mew and Yume are charged with collecting "Dreamy Stones" by the Queen of the Miracle Dream Kingdom. If they can gather enough "Dreamy Stones", they can make their wishes come true.


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