K-ON! Rock the Stage at Animelo Summer Live 2019 with a Houkago Tea Time Reunion

All 5 members cosplayed as their characters for the 10th anniversary of the hit series at Anisama

K-ON! performance at Animelo Summer Live 2019 


Ten years ago a small anime called K-ON! started airing in Japan and changed the anime landscape completely. The Naoko Yamada led, Kyoto Animation produced, series won over the hearts and minds of many, becoming the best selling anime of its time and forever cementing the “cute girls doing cute things” formula.



It’s common for Animelo Summer Live to have a secret performance – in 2017, the SOS Brigade from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya performed their famous dance, "Hare Hare Yukai" – and this year was no different. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the airing of K-ON!, the light music club was reunited on stage in their “don’t say ‘Lazy’” outfit from the first ED and sang both the ED song and the first OP song from the second season, “GO! GO! MANIAC.” It was their first time performing together since 2011.


K-ON! performance at Animelo Summer Live 2019


According to Famitsu and various people on Twitter, “thunderous applause” was heard throughout Saitama Super Arena. Various hashtags related to the event went trending on Twitter. It was uncommon for the group to sing together when the show first aired ten years ago – unlike idol anime nowadays – so having all five Houkago Tea Time members singing would have been a real treat for the 30,000 people at the third day of Animelo Summer Live 2019.



Saitama native and voice actor for Azusa Nakano in K-ON!, Ayana Taketatsu, posted on Twitter thanking fans for the warm welcome and being excited to see all five HTT members performing once again. Youko Hikasa, the voice actor for Mio Akiyama, greeted the audience by doing the famous "Moe moe kyun!" line from the series.


K-ON! performance at Animelo Summer Live 2019


Source: Famitsu, Twitter


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