Journey Outside the Walls in Attack on Titan TACTICS Campaign

Tweet to support your favorite Titan-hunting duo and get a chance at winning cool prizes!


Ready to start attacking some Titans? First, the Survey Corps needs to explore beyond the Walls—and they need your help!


To celebrate the upcoming Attack on Titan TACTICS mobile game, a Twitter campaign is underway letting you cheer on your favorite Attack on Titan characters. The "Extreme Long-Distance Scouting Campaign" will send characters in pairs beyond the Walls, with the goal of getting as far out as possible. Pairs advance when you tweet your support, letting you distract Titans or shout encouragement:



More tweets means more ground covered, and more ground covered means cool stuff! When certain landmarks are passed, chibi Twitter avatars will unlock. Plus, supporters of the winning squad will be entered in a drawing for Attack on Titan merchandise from the Crunchyroll Store:



The campaign is currently underway, but it wraps up on September 11... so be sure to start boosting your favorite team!


Lend your support now in the Attack on Titan TACTICS Extreme Long-Distance Scouting Campaign!





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