57-Year-Old Anime Fan Told to Turn Down TV Allegedly Retaliates with Katana

While you were observing quiet hours, he studied the blade


As much as we love watching anime (I mean... it's us), we also know that not everyone wants to hear us blasting our latest binge-watch when they're trying to work. A pair of fiftysomething neighbors in Toyooka City had a verbal clash over this exact thing, and apparently it almost became more than that.


An unemployed 57-year-old man in the Hyoga Prefecture city was watching anime with the volume all the way up and his window open. A 50-year-old neighbor situated diagonally from the fan's apartment found the noise to be a bit too much, and went across the street to have a word. When confronted, the older man apologized, turned the volume down, and they both went about their day.


Just kidding. He allegedly pulled out an 18-inch replica katana and threatened to kill the younger guy.



Unsurprisingly, police were called. The older man was taken into custody, though he claims he did not use the blade to threaten his neighbor.


No details are yet available on what show he was watching.


Source: SoraNews24, Kobe Shinbun Next





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