This Japanese Bar Transports You into the World of Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

Bar "Moon Walk" has many locations all throughout Japan to soak up that Masaaki Yuasa goodness

Night is short, walk on girl screenshot


If you’re coming to Japan and want to experience the nightlife on offer – and you LOVE anime –, then you’ll need to find a nice quiet place to wet your nose. Bar “Moon Walk” has locations all over Japan, including Shimbashi in Tokyo, Shinsaibashi in Osaka, near Gion in Kyoto, and 38 other bars spread across the country. The Gion location was featured heavily in Masaaki Yuasa’s Night Is Short, Walk on Girl and Bar “Moon Walk”’s all over Japan feature a drinks menu based off the film.


Heaven and Hell drink
Heaven and Hell drink off the Night Is Short, Walk on Girl menu


I headed to the Shibuya location the other night on a whim while having a night on the town and the promise of 200 yen (US$1.88) drinks was too much. To my surprise, I walked straight into the anime film! While the layout of the bar is different, the style was exactly the same. I had no idea the bar was even real, or that they had a location in Tokyo. They even had an electronic English menu and English speaking staff – so any anime fans in Tokyo will have no problem finding the bar.


At 200 yen, the drinks are stupidly cheap! Convenience stores – hailed for their cheap and strong drinks – can’t compare to getting a mixed drink served to you. They don’t even skimp on the alcohol used unlike other “cheap” bars in Japan’s capital city. There are some other premium drinks at 400 yen (US$3.75) like a Tapioca-based drink and the current Corona promotion.


Bar Moon Walk x Night Is Short, Walk On Girl


Other cocktails based off Night Is Short, Walk on Girl include a vodka-based drink called “Kouhai”, a kahlua-based drink called “Kamisama”, and many more that all taste great – not that I can remember all of them!


While you won’t find the Night Is Short, Walk on Girl secret menu online, you can find many of the bar’s location on the Bar “Moon Walk” website (in Japanese, Google Translate works fine!).


Source: Nijimen, Own Experience


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