Anti-Static Bracelets Make Gintama Less Shocking for a Change

Take the sting out of winter with these six bracelet sets


Fall and winter are on the way, and you know what that means: shocking yourself on every metal thing you touch. Animation Addicts has a solution, though, and it's also a cute way to let everyone know you're a Gintama fan!


A new series of stretchy rubber bracelets features Gintama motifs and theme colors. The air-catalyzed rubber dispels static that gathers on your body before the next doorknob you touch does. Plus, each set of three is designed after one of six fan-favorite characters from the show. Pick up sets modeled after Gintoki, Elizabeth, Takasugi, Toushirou, Sougo, and Kamui:





 Bracelets are 1,720 yen for each set of three, and can be pre-ordered now through the Animation Addicts website.


>> Animation Addicts Store


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