BanG Dream! Yukina VA Aina Aiba Releases Her 0th Single "Lead the way" MV

"The 0th" means that she wants to start again from zero


Bushiroad's official YouTube channel has started streaming a 105-second short version music video for 30-year-old voice actress Aina Aiba's forthcoming "0th" single song "Lead the way" to be released on October 16, 2019. The song has been already featured as the OP theme for the TV anime Cardfight!! Vanguard: Shinemon since August 24.


Aiba is best known as Yukina Minato (Roselia vocalist) in the BanG Dream! franchise, and has also voiced Tokoha Anjou in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series (original cast Emi Nitta's replacement) and Iwatobi Penguin in Kemono Friends.


"Lead the way" is, actually, her second solo single. It has been three years since her first solo singe "Yume no Hikari, Kimi no Mirai" (Dream's Light, Your Future) was released in November 2016. It sold only 630 units at the time, which was a very disappointing result. Why does she call her second single as her "0th?" She explained the reason in the live-streaming program yesterday. "After having a such experience, instead of a second single, I want to start again from zero. 'The 0th single' means that it includes everything from my past activities."



"Lead the way" short MV:


Limited edition CD jacket:


Standard edition:



"Kick-Off" program for "Lead the way" streamed yesterday:



Her first single song "Yume no Hikari, Kimi no Mirai" MV (November 9, 2016 release):



Source: Bushiroad press release


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