Check Out Scene Visuals, Prologue Footage from One-Punch Man 2nd Season DVD/Blu-ray 1st Volume Bonus Episode

The ten-minute episode is written/supervised by ONE

The first DVD/Blu-ray volume of the One-Punch Man TV anime's second season includes a newly produced ten-minute episode "Saitama to Sokosoko no Nouryokushatachi"  (Saitama and those with so-so abilities). The anime's official website and Twitter has posted four scene visuals and a 90-second prologue footage from the special episode.


The manga's original creator ONE provided an original plot for it, and served as supervisor. The second season's first volume with the TV anime's 13th and 14th episode is set to be released in Japan on October 25, 2019.  




Three men with special abilities, Enjo, Burut, and Kemoneal found each other on an illegal website. They choose a private room (public toilet) located in a corner of a ruined town as a meeting place to discuss a perfect crime against the society that has hated them as "an alien substance." However, their crime plan is forced to be changed completely by Saitama who is in the next room to them.


Prologue footage:


Scene visuals:





Source: TV anime "One -Punch Man" official website / Twitter 


©ONE, Yusuke Murata/Shueisha, Hero Association HQ


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