Game the Night Away at Japan’s First E-Sports Hotel in Osaka

New gaming hotel in Osaka’s Nipponbashi will have high-end gaming PCs in every room



Wanting to holiday in Japan next year but have to play the latest season of Fortnite to make sure you can get that sweet loot? Well, in between visiting Osaka Castle or taking a day trip to Uji City to visit the Tale of Genji Monogatari museum – and visit real life locations from Sound! Euphonium – you can stay in the e-ZONe Hotel and unwind by playing Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft.


e-ZONe Hotel


The e-ZONe Hotel will have 9 floors, with the 1st to 3rd floor being decked out in the latest PC machines and arranged in a PC Gaming Cafe set up with 71 seats. You’ll be able to play with your friends staying in the hotel with you, live-stream to Twitch or YouTube using the cameras and microphones already set up, or host an esports competition in the “e-ZONe-Cyber ​​Space-” facility.


The 4th to 8th floors will be guest rooms with 94 beds, that’ll feature a PC to play inside each room with all the games available in the cafe. The basement floor will be a shower room for all the guests of the hotel.


e-ZONe Hotel

e-ZONe Hotel


e-ZONe Hotel is tentatively scheduled to be open from April 2020 with a special opening day celebration on the first day of business, which will be announced at a later time. The hotel is located in the heart of Osaka’s Nipponbashi, also known as Denden Town. The main street of the area has been nicknamed “Otaku Road” for all the anime, manga, and other Japanese pop culture stores located on it. Close by is the famous Namba district, home to Dotonbori, the entertainment district of Osaka.


If you were coming to Japan, would you stay in a gaming hotel like this? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: PR-Times via Otakomu


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