Virtual Music Fest to Host Fist of the North Star vs. Yatterman Face-Off

VTubers, Vocaloids, and more will populate SoftBank's DIVE XR FESTIVAL


Fans of Vocaloids, VTubers, and mixed media stars can look forward to two days of virtual concerts later this month... and apparently they're going to feature an appearance from Kenshiro!


DIVE XR FESTIVAL will feature a mix of the virtual stars that have become popular in Japan over recent years. Virtual YouTubers like Kizuna AI and Tokino Sora, mixed media performers like Miss Monochrome and Ensemble Stars!, and (of course) Hatsune Miku will be the stars of the two-day event. Official anime VTubers will also be on hand.



Representing the Time Bokan classic Yatterman will be Kaminari Ai and Boyacky, two VTubers based on one hero and one villain from the vintage show. The pair were announced earlier this summer, but it's now been revealed they'll be facing off against two more reps of classic anime: Kenshiro and Heart from Fist of the North Star.


Heart has been living the VTuber life over on Heart-sama's Heartful Station since last year, as part of a Fist of the North Star anniversary campaign. Kenshiro will be joining him for a face-off against Ai-chan and Boyacky during the concert. This is probably a big surprise for Heart: during last year's auditions for the role, hopefuls were promised they'd never have to share a stage with Kenshiro. We'll see how that goes.


DIVE XR FESTIVAL Supported by SoftBank will take place September 22-23 at Makuhari Messe.


>> DIVE XR FESTIVAL Supported by SoftBank


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