Discover How Dr. STONE Got Made in Crunchyroll's New Documentary

Dive behind the scenes of this season's biggest show!


One of the biggest thrills of the season has been watching Senku, Taiju, and their ever-expanding entourage of survivors attempt to rebuild humanity from scratch in the Dr. STONE anime. What does it take to adapt Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki's hit Shonen Jump manga, though? 


Crunchyroll's production team had the rare opportunity to visit TMS Entertainment in Japan to speak to the staff behind the series and get a first hand look at the tools and the expertise behind them that makes Dr. STONE special. Join director Shinya Iino and other key members of the crew as they dive into the making of Dr. STONE in the brand new documentary above!


Note: Please turn on closed captions to watch in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic, or Russian.

Our production team with the staff of Dr. STONE
Our production team with the staff of Dr. STONE
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