Death Stranding Will Feature Norman and Mads Appreciation Mode

Hideo Kojima adds private room with more encouragement for non-gamers to try his upcoming game


Hideo Kojima has not only stacked Death Stranding with every friend he can possibly make room for; he's also going to extra lengths to make sure all their fans can enjoy the upcoming game. His latest announcement is of special interest to fans of game stars Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.


Kojima announced that there would be a "private room" in Death Stranding (as in other games) where the player—i.e., Sam—can rest. But he's also worked in a few "gimmicks" (his own word) for gamers who might be playing specifically for Reedus and/or Mikkelsen's presence:



These early shots will be extra exciting for fans of The Walking Dead and Hannibal, who are among the many Kojima is specifically hoping to forge connections with when Death Stranding goes live. The games designer and friend to all the world's coolest people recently announced a "Very Easy" mode (along with harder modes for experienced gamers), encouraging fans of the game's cast to give it a try regardless of skill level.


Death Stranding comes out November 8.


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