Did MissingNo. Get to This New Galar Pokémon's Profile?

Glitchy new Pokémon to be fully revealed tomorrow


Who's that Pokémon!?... No seriously, who is it?


Visitors to the official website for Pokémon Sword & Shield will catch sight of a glitchy figure on the landing page. Chase it around with your mouse a bit, and you'll get to a page of its own... which is filled with pixelated text and glitchy images.


All we know so far are a few basics—Fighting type, 257.9 lbs, and can use Steadfast. Beyond that, there's the 'mon's equally glitchy description:


Only ????? that have survived many battles can attain this ?????. When this Pokémon's ????? ?????ers, it will retire from combat.

The Japanese site gives us what might be a tiny bit more of a clue: the last part of its (Japanese) name is "night" or—more likely for a British Isles critter with a heavy focus on battles—"knight." This may or may not remain in the localized name, but it does imply that this could be a Knight-themed Pokémon, complete with what might be a medieval helmet and a javelin.



The glitchy page has elements reminiscent of MissingNo., a "programming quirk" that is findable and catchable in many Pokémon games. Despite its game-breaking qualities, MissingNo. has a small fandom all its own within the community. Jokes have been made concerning the non-'mon's presence in Sword and Shield, but no official statement has been made.


However, the Pokémon Company have blamed the new creature's glitching profile page on "Pokémon mischief." That could be relevant to the new Pokémon itself, or just a fun Easter egg for fans wishing for a MissingNo. presence. Or maybe...

Regardless, this particular mysterious 'mon will be revealed tomorrow, once the website has been "fixed."


>> ????????? Landing Page

Source: Anime! Anime!





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