Behold the First Documented Naruto Run of Alienstock

Festivities are underway—just make sure you're in the right town


The originally planned "Area 51 Raid" may not be happening as advertised on Facebook, but other events will be filling the gap... and it seems a few people are still on board to follow the event's original instructions.


Initially, plans were in place to "storm" Area 51 ("They Can't Stop All Of Us"). But after genuine concerns were raised, the original event organizer canceled the raid. The original event description suggested use of the "Naruto Run" to evade capture. This led to an entertaining span of both major news networks and military personnel discussing what exactly a Naruto Run is.


While the newly-planned events won't require evading capture, one attendee caught on video is keeping the faith:



If you're planning to head out this weekend, bear in mind you're not going to Rachel, Nevada: the small town has no gas stations and a population of around 50. Instead, head over to Hiko, where an event with music, vendors, and science lectures will be taking place. You might not get to see them aliens, but you will also be far less likely to get arrested.


Source: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas





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