New Fragrances Inspired by A Certain Scientific Accelerator's Three Characters Soon Available

TV anime's final 12th episode will be aired on September 27

Tokyo-based perfume import/sales company Fairy Tail has started accepting pre-orders for three fragrance mists inspired by the main characters from the ongoing TV anime A Certain Scientific Accelerator: Accelerator, Last Order, and Estelle Rosenthal, on its official online store and Amazon Japan.


The price for the 50 ml fragrance bottles is 2,400 yen (about 22.3 US dollars), and their scheduled shipment date is October 15. Ten days prior to that, they will be exclusively available at the GraffArt Shop MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 store in Tokyo from October 5. You will be able to actually check their smells at the shop front.



"Accelerator eau de perfum"

- Top notes (mandarin, apple, rose)

- Middle note (lily of the valley, mint, honeysuckle)

- Last note (cedarwood, peach, musk)

Official online store / Amazon Japan:

"Last Order eau de perfum"

- Top notes (grapefruit, red currant, rhubarb)

- Middle note (wildrose, freesia, cardamom, ginger)

- Last note (cedarwood, pomegranate)

- Official online store / Amazon Japan

"Estelle Rosenthal eau de perfum"

- Top notes (lily of the valley, leafy green)

- Middle note (gardenia, whit orchid, peony)

- Last note (soft musk)

- Official online store / Amazon Japan





The TV anime adaptation of A Certain Scientific Accelerator, another spin-off manga of Kazuma Kamachi's A Certain Magical Index light novel series illustrated by Arata Yamaji, premiered in Japan on July 12, 2019, and its final 12th episode is set to be aired on September 27. It has been also available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia.




Source: Fairy Tail press release


©2018 Kazuma Kamachi/Arata Yamaji/KADOKAWA/PROJECT-ACCELERATOR


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