First TV Anime's Character Designer Draws Dirty Pair Complete Blu-ray Box Art

The novel's 40th anniversary 12-disc set will be released on December 18, 2019

The official Twitter for the forthcoming Dirty Pair Complete Blu-ray box has posted an illustration for its three-sided outer case newly drawn by the 1985 first Dirty Pair TV anime's character designer Tsukasa Dokite. It was his first anime character design work, and he, now 59, is still very active in Japanese anime industry mainly as key animation animator.  


His first Yuri and Kei art after a long time was first revealed on the flyer for the Sunrise Festival 2019 Fugetsu event held at Theater Shinjuku in Tokyo on September 20.





Visual from the first TV anime in 1985:



In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Haruka Takachiho's long-running Dirty Pair sci-fi action novel series, the 12-disc set including all of its anime adaptation series produced by Sunrise from 1985 to 1996 will be released from VAP on December 18, 2019.  The TV anime, film and OVAs are HD remastered from 2K scan of their master positive film prints for the box.


The price for its first press limited edition with a 100-page booklet including the promotional visuals and interviews with the staff and voice cast is 55,000 yen (about 506 US dollars), while that for the standard edition is 50,600 yen (466 US dollars).


First press limited edition: 


Standard edition:



Blu-ray box contents:


  • TV series "Dirty Pair" (1985/24 episodes) 
  • OVA "Affair of Nolandia" (1985)
  • Film "Dirty Pair: Project Eden" (1986) 
  • OVA "With Love from the Lovely Angels" (1987/2 episodes) 
  • OVA series "Dirty Pair" (1987-1988/10 episodes) 
  • OVA "Flight 005 Conspiracy" (1990) 
  • OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH" (1994/6 episodes) 
  • OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH 2" (1995/5 episodes) 
  • OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH 3" (1995-1996/5 episodes) 



DVD/remastered Blu-ray comparison video: 



Source: "Dirty Pair Complete Blu-ray Box" official Twitter


© Haruka Takachiho & Studio Nue/SUNRISE


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