The Battle Rages on in Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods PV

Rock out to UVERworld's new opening for the upcoming season


Next month's premiere of The Seven Deadly Sins is bound to be intense, especially judging by the action in the latest PV!


The upcoming season will bring the events of the series to a climax, uncovering the secret of the show's world and depicting the upcoming battle against the Ten Commandments—as well as the fate between Meliodas and Elizabeth.


Check out the latest PV for a bigger look at the action, as well as a taste of UVERworld's new theme for the series, "ROB THE FRONTIER":



The Seven Deadly Sins: The Wrath of the Gods premieres October 9 on TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo.


>> The Seven Deadly Sins: The Wrath of the Gods Website

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Source: Ota-Suke





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