PlayStation 5 Launch Set for Holiday 2020, More Details Revealed

WIRED updates with new information about Sony's next console

PlayStation 5


Back in April, Wired went up with the first report on what will eventually be Sony's successor to the PlayStation 4. Now, in a thorough followup, Wired is back with confirmation of the name, a release window, and some more details about what makes the new console special.


First off, the reveal of the name is unlikely to surprise anyone. Yep, Sony's sticking to the simple numbers and calling it the PlayStation 5, and it's currently due to launch sometime during the 2020 holiday season. Most of the new info came in the form of clarifications and expanded details on previously-announced specs, but they're definitely worth some more attention as we slowly crawl toward the console's debut.


One of the most talked about features of PS5 has been its ray-tracing capabilites, which allow for more accurate visual renderings and even improvements in testing. System architect Mark Cerny shed some more light on this, confirming that it goes beyond a software-level fix. According to Cerny, the GPU hardware has ray-tracing acceleration built into it. 


Another major update is the PS5's solid-state drive, which will provide much more than lightning fast load times. It also aims give developers new ways to build their games and even save space, working in conjunction with the new method of installation that's in the works. Rather than simply installing and storing games as huge chunks of data, PS5 will let players determine how they want to configure installation and removal. You could, for instance, opt to install a multiplayer campaign only, or delete a game's single-player campaign once you complete it to free up space. 


Yes, I know this and Spider-Man are PS4 games, but they'll have to do! 


As for the media, PS5's physical games will come on 100 GB optical disks to be placed in an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player. 


The other big feature that Wired had a chance to check out is the as-yet-unnamed controller, which will more than likely be called the DualShock 5. This time around the controller employs haptic feedback, which gives feedback in the form of more subtle and nuanced sensations. Players will feel the terrain in a game more both in the way the controller reacts and the way the thumbsticks move. 


It's definitely worth reading the full report if you're at all interested in what Sony has to offer with PlayStation 5. Stay tuned for more as Sony reveals it over the coming year or so.


Source: Wired




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