Take Pikachu Anywhere with This Adorable Retro 25th Anniversary Watch

BABY-G are collaborating on new watch featuring the pudgy Pokémon

Pokémon x BABY-G watch


For the 25th anniversary of Japanese watch brand BABY-G, the time teller are partnering up with Pokémon to release retro styled Casio watches featuring Pikachu, who is the 25th Pokémon in the PokéDex (and no, Victini isn’t the number 000 in the national dex, only the Unova one).



The above video – which features an interesting dubstep soundtrack – exhibits the Pokémon style slapped onto the Casio watch. Pikachu features prominently on the watch face in its classic Red/Blue/Yellow pixel design, beneath the digital face with the backlight on, and on the back of the watch with its butt hanging out. The number 25 is all over the design, stylised as 0:25 as both a reference to the Pokémon and the concept of 24 hour time, which is more prominent in Japan than the AM/PM system.


Pokémon x BABY-G watch


Pokémon x BABY-G watch


The watch will be available from November 2019 through their online store for 13,000 yen (US$121) and comes in a special Pokéball case.


Source: Baby-G Website


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