Attack on Titan TACTICS Debuts Spooky Costumes for Halloween

Special In-Game Rewards and Events Will Also be Offered to All Players

Attack on Titan Tactics


The spooky season is upon us, and Halloween is right around the corner. This notion isn't lost on the cast of the Attack on Titan TACTICS mobile game, which is about to add some haunting Halloween costumes for characters like Reiner Braun, Jean Kirschtein, Annie Leonhart, and Bertholdt Hoover.


You'll see all of the above appear in costumes available through the Midnight Visions Gacha. Jean becomes Midnight Reaper, Annie dresses up as Midnight Onlooker, and Bertholdt is Midnight Messenger. There's also a Fanciful Story Event featuring Reiner, Jean, and other fan-favorite characters in their Halloween costumes, giving players a chance to collect Spooky Cookies that can be used to add Midnight Reaper Reiner to their squads. 



Here are the details on all of that as well as more about the half-year anniversary celebration and a special gacha:


  • Fanciful Story Event: This event features Reiner Braun, Jean Kirschtein, and other fan-favorite characters dressed up in Halloween costumes that can only be seen in Attack on Titan TACTICS. In this event, players complete event stages to collect Spooky Cookies, which can be used to add [Midnight Reaper] Reiner to their team.
  • Midnight Visions Gacha: In the Midnight Visions Gacha, [Midnight Reaper] Jean Kirschtein, [Midnight Onlooker] Annie Leonhart, and [Midnight Messenger] Bertholdt Hoover appear in their Halloween costumes, and are available to unlock.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Celebration: While the game was just released a month ago in the US, Canada, and Australia, it has been available for six months in Japan. To celebrate this achievement (Half-Year Anniversary), players can obtain up to 500 crystals and a number of large experience gems when they log in for 15 days during the event. 
  • Half-Year Anniversary Gacha: A special gacha that, once a day, gives players 10 attemps to recruit new troops to their team for free. Tickets may be obtained as bonuses from the Midnight Vision Gacha or by completing Half-Year Anniversary Missions. These tickets can then be used to recruit new troops from the Half-Year Anniversary Ticket Gacha.



Check the in-game menus for specific event dates and more information.




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