number24 Rugby Anime Recruits 7 New Cast Members

Meet the new boys on anime's latest rugby team


Upcoming rugby anime number24 has no shortage of boys on its team! The series has added seven new characters to its roster today, complete with profile images and voice actors.


Joining the team are:


Fuuga Saitou: CV Takuya Kodama


Yayoi Tsuzura: CV Aoi Ichikawa (Mitsuru, DARLING in the FRANXX)



Sunao Konoe: CV Masamu Ono (Chihiro Usui, Readyyy!)



Tsuugen Sasaki: CV Shinnosuke Murashima


Lee Hong Hing: CV Yuki Inoue (Otis, As Miss Beelzebub Likes it.)

Makoto Someya: CV Kentaro Kumagai (Sagramore, RADIANT)

Ren Tamashiro: CV Mizuki Chiba


Fans wanting an early look at the series will have a chance next month during Animate Girls Festival 2019. The number24 Kick-Off Event will take place at the gathering's fountain plaza, and feature interviews and an ED theme performance by the show's eight lead voice actors.



number24 kicks off on TOKYO MX this January.


>> number24 Website

Source: Comic Natalie, MoCa-News





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