First 80 Seconds of One-Punch Man 2nd Season DVD/Blu-ray 2nd Volume Bonus Episode Streamed

The 3rd volume jacket illustration features Fubuki

As with the first volume, the second DVD/Blu-ray volume of the One-Punch Man TV anime's second season will come with a newly-produced original anime "Ossan-tachi to Tsuri" (Middle-aged men and fishing). The anime's official website has posted a 80-second prologue clip from the ten-minute special episode written by the manga's original creator ONE.


Following the first volume to be available in Japan tomorrow, the second season's second volume with the TV anime's 15th and 16th episodes is set to be released on November 26, 2019.  


"Ossan-tachi to Tsuri" synopsis 


A week after the ruler of the whole universe, Boros attacked Earth, two of the S-Class superheroes, Silver Fang and Atomic Samurai enjoy fishing together on a small boat in a pond. On the edge of the pond, there is a C-Class' first ranked hero Mumen Rider and A-Class' 36th ranked hero Kusarigama, who are chasing a monster named DaisanshoWAR. 



Prologue footage:




The third volume featuring Fubuki on its jacket will be released on December 25. The title of its bonus episode is "Genos to Kioku Soushitsu" (Genos and Amnesia).






Source: TV anime "One -Punch Man" official website / Twitter 


©ONE, Yusuke Murata/Shueisha, Hero Association HQ


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