New Mashin Hero Wataru PV Is a Rainbow of Nostalgia

Wataru's world turns upside-down in upcoming series continuation


Not long ago, Tamashii Nation teased the return of 1988's Mashin Hero Wataru, about a young robot pilot battling his way through a platformer-esque fantasy world. The new PV has been debuted, and it looks like the series is continuing with a whole new chapter.


Subtitled Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls, the new series throws Wataru's world into confusion when he answers a call to return to the realm of Soukaizan. He witnesses an upside-down image of the realm plunging downward, and his faithful robot Ryujinmaru (one a clay sculpture he made in school) has its power sealed away and splinters into seven pieces. Now Wataru must team up with his old friends to save Soukaizan from a new evil and put Ryujinmaru together again.


Check out the PV for the new series, complete with the nostalgic original series OP, "STEP" by a.chi-a.chi:



The PV was debuted at this year's Tamashii Nation event, and was released worldwide on YouTube today.


Two new robot models are already being advertised in connection with the series: the red Ryusenmaru (a high-speed dual-wielding robot) and the blue Ryusoumaru (a flying robot).



Five more can be seen in the PV: Ryugekimaru (orange), Genryumaru (Green), Seiryumaru (Purple), Ryukomaru (red and blue), and Kouryumaru (black and gold):



The new Mashin Hero Wataru is set to debut in spring of 2020.


>> Mashin Hero Wataru: Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls Website






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