Silent Hill Engulfs Tokyo with Morning Fog on Halloween Eve

Residents of the Kanto Region woke up to scenes from the video game

Tokyo turns into Silent Hill


When Japan celebrates a holiday, it goes all the way! All week Halloween celebrations have been happening all over Tokyo. Shibuya's infamous Halloween party occurred last Saturday night and again tonight (with restrictions in place), anime collaborations have been happening all over town, and even the weather got into the spooky spirit by dousing the entire region in a thick fog on October 30 transporting the region into Silent Hill and making for some amazing images.



As residents of the Kanto region awoke, they were not greeted by the morning sun, but a haze that made the region feel like an early PlayStation game. No where was safe from the fog, with the Twitter user above wondering where the zombies were.


Chiba University:


“The people in the apartment are screaming” says Twitter user danzaimon:


Twitter user dokuga1095 lost their path in the fog:


Inside Tokyo, wanko_oyatu wondered if they’ve been Isekai’d:


“Waking up I found Silent Hill, by Chiba”, says EnjoyLifeChan, who captured this creepy image:


Neotenyuki caught a video of a cyclist disappearing into the fog, maybe they were dispawning?


Even I found myself unable to see past the trees near my house, there was more visibility during the last two typhoons, which were some of the biggest in Japanese history!


The fog lifted by midday and the sun was shining once again. But for a little while, even the weather in Japan got in the Halloween mood and decided to scare the residences of the Kanto region. Personally, I thought it looked really cool even if I couldn’t see Pyramid Head coming, though the graphics on the PS4 do look a bit better.


Source: Twitter

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