Japanese Spider-Man Confirmed for Spider-Verse 2

Change, Leopardon!


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought together several different versions of the friendly neighborhood hero, and references to many others. One version had yet to receive in-person rep—but a Twitter interaction with the film's writer and producer reveals that he'll be making his way to the sequel!


The 1978 Spider-Man tokusatsu series is well known inside and outside the genre, both as a curiosity and as a sign of just how widely popular the Marvel hero is. This iteration of Spidey is a biker named Takuya Yamashiro, who gains his powers after a blood transfusion from the last warrior of Planet Spider. As Spider-Man he can perform all the heroic feats we're used to, plus transform the ship Marveller into the giant robot Leopardon.


This Spidey has made appearances in crossover comics, and Leopardon got a nod in the original Into the Spider-Verse film as a doodle by Miles Morales:



Fans have been hopeful that Yamashiro would appear in the next film, and it looks as though the films' writer and co-producer Phil Lord has confirmed our hopes:



How big a role he'll play is still unknown. But considering how much care went into the alternate Spideys in the first film, even a fleeting cameo is sure to be impressive.


The sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is due for release on April 8, 2022.


Source: @milesmora1es





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