Aggretsuko and Africa Salaryman Team Up in Office Exchange Video

Officer workers become party animals to celebrate Retsuko's November 6th birthday

A banner image for the Africa Salaryman x Aggretsuko collaboration, featuring Lion and Retsuko.


November 6th marks the birthday of everyone's favorite red panda mascot character with rage issues, Sanrio's Aggretsuko (aka "Aggressive Retsuko"), and to celebrate the happy occasion, the animal officer workers of both Aggretsuko and Africa Salaryman got together for an inter-office exchange meeting / surprise birthday party in a special collaboration video published to Youtube.



The video features scenes of characters from both series interacting while the song "White Collar Elegy", the ending theme for Africa Salaryman (performed in-character by Akio Ōtsuka as Lion), plays in the background. If you'd like to know more about life in the corporate jungle, Aggretsuko is streamed in the U.S. by Netflix, while Funimation distributes Africa Salaryman.


Source: animate Times


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