Comedy Anime Maesetsu! Announces Voice Actors and Comic Teams

Teenagers prepare to make 'em laugh in new series


Get ready for some wicked laughs from MAESETSU's team of teenage stand-up comics—each of whom has now been cast!


The original anime, featuring character designs by Lucky Star creator Kagami Yoshimizu, takes its name from the introductory talk given by comedians before the beginning of a variety show. At the center of the series are four college-aged girls, all hoping to achieve their dream of becoming successful comedians.


The cast has just been announced, broken down into their respective comedy teams:



Fubuki Kitakaze: CV Aguri Onishi (Rena, Afterlost)

Mafuyu Kogarashi: CV Naomi Ozora (Tellu, Sailor Moon Crystal)


Rin Shinya: CV Hiromi Igarashi (Yuri Alpha, Overlord)

Nayuta Asogi: CV Sakura Nakamura (Akebi Sasaki, GIRLS und PANZER)


Manatsu Kogarashi: CV Yuki Takada (Yuu Koito, Bloom into You)

Kanae Kanenari: CV Nozomi Furuki (Chise, Princess Principal)

JK Cool

Eru Kusaba: CV Asuka Aida (first major role)

Arashi Waraino: CV Ayaka Shimizu (Kanae Kawamada, TWOCAR)

Hajime Chukan: CV Risako Murai (Rikei Hiromatsu, Ebiten)

Carlos Ali: CV Seirou Ogino (Cardinal/Apocryphos, D.Gray-man Hallow)

Manager: CV Kentaroi Tone (Zion Kunikida, Ingress)

Aunt Keiko: CV Rei Shimoda (Urbosa, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Comedy duos Freak! (Junki Tomita and Ubu no Hatsuna) and BANBANBAN (Masatake Yamamoto and Hiromi Sameshima) will be appearing as themselves.


Yoshimizu will also be drawing a 4-panel manga to go with the anime, which is credited as being created by Mugendai∞. More information, including a release date, is on the way.


>> MAESETSU -opening act- Website

Source: MoCa-News





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