Hideo Kojima Is Officially the World's Most Followed Game Director

Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator takes home a pair of Guinness World Records for his Instagram and Twitter followings


Someone's follower count online isn't the only indicator of their success, but it's telling. A highly-followed celebrity is often not only respected as a creator, but also engaging as a person. Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima ticks both those boxes—apparently to a world record-worthy degree.


 Kojima was awared a pair of Guinness World Records naming him the world's most followed game director: one each for Twitter (with more than 2,823,000 followers on his English Twitter and more than 813,700 on his Japanese Twitter) and Instagram (with more than 919,000 followers). He was photographed holding his dual prizes on November 8, when he received the honor:



In the scant time since the long-awaited Death Stranding was released, Kojima has been busy sharing reviews, fan art, cosplay photos, and other reactions... though occasionally he'll pause to show off his latest manga purchase.


If you're not already following Kojima, hit up @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN on Twitter and @hideo_kojima on Instagram.


>> Death Stranding Website

Source: Siliconera





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