Make Beautiful Music with Shinji and Kaworu-Inspired Eva Jewelry

Yes, they are worthy of your grace


Jewelry manufacturer U-TREASURE is always coming up with new accessories based on favorite anime series. Their latest collection, a pair of gold and silver necklaces, memorializes moments between Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa in the recent Evangelion films.


The first of the two necklaces, "Shinji and Kaworu's Duet," features a pendant of four free-hanging piano keys, representing the pair's time at the piano. At the top right corner of the pendant, where the room's one tree would be respective to Kaworu's piano, is a cluster of peridot and green tourmaline gems. On the back, "A" and "α" harken back to Evangelion 13's Double Entry System. It's available in silver with gold-plated accents for 16,500 yen, or in white gold and yellow gold for 69,300 yen.



Speaking of the Double-Entry System, there's a necklace for that, too. The pendant depicts Evangelion 13's twin Entry Plugs, with white and blue gems in the places of Kaworu and Shinji. The necklace is available in rose-gold-plated silver for 16,500 yen, or in rose gold for 69,300 yen:



Both pieces are on sale now, alongside the rest of U-TREASURE's Evangelion-inspired jewelry. 


>> Shinji & Kaworu Jewelry from U-TREASURE

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