SHOW BY ROCK!! Sequel Hits Japanese Airwaves in January of 2020

Key visual, trailer, main cast, and main staff revealed for new series focusing on rock band Mashumairesh!!

Ruhuyu and Howan get pumped up in a scene from the trailer for the upcoming SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! TV anime.


SHOW BY ROCK!!, a mixed media franchise by Sanrio that focuses on rock bands made of adorable animal people, is returning to Japanese airwaves in January of 2020 with the newly announced sequel series, SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!!, and a ton of new info has been revealed about the show.


The main staff for SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! includes:


  • Original work: Sanrio
  • Director: Seung-hui Son
  • Series composition: Daizen Tazawa
  • Character design, chief animation director: Kuniyuki Ito
  • Advisor: Masayuki Kojima
  • Art settings: Yoshinori Hishinuma
  • Color design: Hiromi Miyawaki
  • Director of photography: Atsushi Iwasaki
  • CG director: Masayuki Uemoto
  • CG producer: Kanako Hosoe
  • CG production: Polygon Pictures
  • Editor: Ayumu Takanashi
  • Sound director: Fumiyuki Gou
  • Music: Yasuhiro Takanashi, Funta7
  • Music production: Pony Canyon
  • Animation production: Kinema Citrus


Howan, the main character of the upcoming TV anime SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!!, is starry-eyed as she dreams of becoming a musician in the big city.


The main cast for SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! includes:


  • Hikaru Tono as Howan.
  • Yuuko Natsuyoshi as Mashimahimeko.
  • Misaki Watada as Delmin.
  • Aya Yamane as Ruhuyu.
  • And others.



The story of SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! follows Howan, a white fox girl from the countryside who travels to the big city of Under North Zawa and joins a rock band with the striped cat girl Mashimahimeko, the Devil Mint demon girl Delmin, and the wolf girl Ruhuyu. Will the girls be able to make their musical dreams come true as the rock band "Mashumairesh!!"?


A new key visual for the upcoming SHOW BY ROCK!! Masumairesh!! TV anime, featuring the members of the rock band Mashumairesh!!: Howan, Mashimahimeko, Delmin, and Ruhuyu.


SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! will broadcast in Japan according to the following TV schedule:


  • Tokyo MX: every Thursday during the 22:30 time slot begining on January 09, 2020.
  • BS Fuji: every Thursday during the 24:00 time slot beginning on January 09, 2020.
  • Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting: To be announced.
  • Sun TV: To be announced.
  • Fuji on Demand: every Thursday during the 22:30 time slot beginning on Janaury 09, 2020.


Please note that some Japanese TV schedules count early-morning programming as late-night programming of the previous day, so for example the 24:00 time slot on Thursday evening is actually on Friday morning at 12:00am JST.




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