Toei Animation Reveals 17th PreCure TV Series Healin' Good♡ PreCure

The new series is expected to premiere in early February of 2020



Toei Animation launched a teaser site for Healin'Good♡PreCure, the forthcoming 17th TV series from its long-running PreCure magical girl franchise today. The tagline on the site writes: "Partners are animals!? Together with the healing animals, we treat our precious Earth! Please look forward to the healing PreCure!"


Further details including its character designs and voice cast will be announced at a later date. Following the ongoing 16th series Star☆Twinkle PreCure, the 17th series Healin'Good♡PreCure is expected to premiere in Japan in early February of 2020. 




PreCure TV series lineup:

 1. "Futari wa PreCure" (2004-2005)

 2. "Futari wa PreCure Max Heart" (2005–2006)

 3. "Futari wa PreCure Splash Star" (2006–2007)

 4. "Yes! PreCure 5" (2007–2008)

 5. "Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!" (2008–2009)

 6. "Fresh PreCure!" (2009–2010)

 7. "HeartCatch PreCure!" (2010–2011)

 8. "Suite PreCure♪" (2011–2012)

 9. "Smile PreCure!" (2012–2013)

 10. "DokiDoki! PreCure" (2013–2014)

 11. "HappinessCharge PreCure!" (2014–2015)

 12. "Go! Princess PreCure" (2015–2016) 

 13. "Maho Girls PreCure!" (2016–2017)

 14. "Kirakira PreCure a la Mode" (2017–2018)

 15. "Hugtto! PreCure" (2018-2019)

 16. "Star☆Twinkle PreCure" (2019-) 



Source: Toei Animation official Twitter, "Healin'Good♡PreCure" official website


©ABC-A, Toei Animation


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