JAM Project Releases New Music Video "The Age of Dragon Knights" from Their 20th Anniversary Album

Their 6th original album and "Complete BOX" set hit stores January 1, 2020

The official website for five-member anison unit JAM Project has posted a five-minute full-length music video for "The Age of Dragon Knights," the lead track from their sixth original album of the same name, which will be released as their 20th anniversary album on January 1, 2020.


The internationally popular unit was formed on July 17, 2000, and have released 70 singles, five original albums, and 13 best albums. Their upcoming new album includes new songs written/composed by the members themselves and various artists who have respected them, such as ALI PROJECT, angela, FLOW, GRANRODEO, Shiho Terada, Aki Hata, Makoto Miyazaki, R・O・N, and Yuki Kajiura.


JAM Project current members:

  • Hironobu Kageyama (58) 
  • Masaaki Endoh (51) 
  • Hiroshi Kitadani (50) 
  • Masami Okui (51) 
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama (55)




"The Age of Dragon Knights" MV:


CD jacket:


Song list:


1. "-overture - to the next era" (composed/arranged by Yuki Kajiura)

2. "The Age of Dragon Knights" (written by Hironobu Kageyama & Masami Okui/composed ny Kageyama)

3. "ROCK Gojyushi" (written by Kishow Taniyama/composed&arranged by Massaki Iizuka)

4. "HERE WE GO!" (written by atsuko/composed by atsuko/KATSU)

5. "GENESIS" (written by Masami Okui/composed by Hiroshi Kitadani)

6. "Ryujou" (written by Arika Takarano/composed&arranged by Mikiya Katakura)

7. "Shout" (written by Masami Okui/composed by Yoshiko Fukuyama)

8. "Freaking out! Fukkatus no Oi! Punk-" (written&composed by Hironobu Kageyama)

9. "Homeward bound" (written by Hironibu Kageyama&Serena Lee/composed by Ricardo Cruz)

10. "Giant Swing" (written by KOHSHI/composed&arranged by TAKE) - from FLOW

11. "KINGDOM of 'J'" (written by Aki Hata/composed&arranged by Shiho Terada)

12. "Hagoromo Debsetsu -Ryu to Tennyo no Ai Monogatari-" (written by Masami Okui/composed&arranged by R・O・N)

13. "Returner -Fukkatsu no Legend-" (written&composed by Hironobu Kageyama)

14. "Are U Ready? -TATAKWAknight!" (written/composed by Masaaki Endoh)

15. "flags" (written&composed&arranged by Makoto Miyazaki) 



Also on the same day with the album, "JAM Project 20th Anniversary Complete BOX" including 21 CDs and three Blu-rays will be available.


"JAM Project 20th Anniversary Complete BOX" (45,000 yen) contents:


 - CDs:

  • "BEST Project ~JAM Project Best Collection~" (2002)
  • "JAM FIRST PROCESS" (2002)
  • "FREEDOM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅱ~" (2003)
  • "JAM-ISM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅲ~" (2004)
  • "Olympia ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅳ~ " (2006)
  • "Big Bang ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅴ~" (2007)
  • "Get over the Border ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅵ~" (2008)
  • "MAXIMIZER ~Decade of Evolution~" (2010)
  • "JAM Project Symphonic Album Victoria Cross" (2011)
  • "GOING ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅷ~" (2011)
  • "THUMB RISE AGAIN" (2013)
  • "X cures Earth ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION X~" (2014)
  • "X less force ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅺ~" (2015)
  • "JAM Project 15th Anniversary STRONG BEST ALBUM MOTTO! MOTTO!! -2015-" (2015)
  • "AREA Z" (2016)
  • "JAM Project Foreign Language Song Collection"


- Blu-rays

  • "JAM Project SPECIAL LIVE 2019 A-ROCK Day 1 [Early numbers]
  • "JAM Project SPECIAL LIVE 2019 A-ROCK Day 2 [Later numbers]
  • "JAM Project Special program …and more!"


- Booklet "JAM Project 20th Anniversary Complete BOOK" (300 pages)




Source: JAM Project official website 


Copyright 2019 JAM Project, Lantis


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