Cells at Work! Platelet Is Back as a Teeny-Tiny Crystal Figure

Unique full-color figure is available for pre-order this month


A life-sized Cells at Work! figure might not do us any good, but a teeny-tiny one seems just perfect for the show's healing heroines. This tiny Platelet is extra-special, thanks to its unique design.


Hailing from B'full, this 3D crystal figure stands 30mm tall. The image of the Platelet is rendered inside an acrylic block in high detail, making her a unique addition to your figure collection.



The tiny figure costs 980 yen, and is currently available for pre-order form B'full. Orders will close on December 24, and are expected to ship out in April 2020.


>> Cells at Work! Platelet 3D Crystal Figure Order Page

Source: Anime! Anime!





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