PlayStation Wins the ‘Best-Selling Home Video Game Console Brand’ Guinness World Record

With over 450 million home consoles sold, Sony is number one on the leader board

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PlayStation announced on Twitter on December 3, in both English and Japanese, that the ‘PlayStation brand’ has won the “Best-Selling Home Video Game Console Brand” Guinness World Record.


Playstation Wins the ‘Best-Selling Home Video Game Console Brand’ Guinness World Record


Guinness World Records used third-party website VGChartz to certify, as of November 7, that the ‘PlayStation brand’ has sold more than 450 million home console units across the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4. Looking at the ‘List of best-selling game consoles’ on Wikipedia, this figure can’t include the near 100 million units of the PSP and PlayStation Vita.


There’s no mention of what constitutes a “Home Video Game Console Brand,” whether that means the brand ‘PlayStation’, which would include ‘Xbox’, or if that also includes ‘Nintendo.’


In terms of overall console sales by company, including portable units, Nintendo reigns with over 750 million units sold since the NES. If portables are included, Sony would be second overall with over 530 million units sold, which is an impressive feat against Nintendo who had a decade headstart and double the consoles released. Xbox would be third at just over 150 million (reported) units, which is less than the sales of the PlayStation 2 by itself.


Congratulations to everyone at PlayStation! We look forward to continuing to play on the PS5 next year!


Source: PlayStation on Twitter


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