CHARACTER RANKING: Over 50,000 Dr. STONE Fans Vote For Their #1 Character!

Check out who ranked the best of the best from the Kingdom of Science!

Crunchyroll here with a really exhilarating poll! After extensive research, over 50,000 fans came together and voted for their favorite characters from Dr. STONE. After applying a little bit of the scientific method (using numbers and such), we would like to share the results! For the top five, we also created wallpapers so you can carry your favorite characters around. A big thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! How did your favorite character rank? Let us know in the comments below!


Rank Character
22 Shamil Volkov
21 Darya Nikitina
20 Kokuyo
19 Connie Lee
18 Yakov Nikitin
17 Magma
16 Lillian Winberg
15 Garnet, Ruby & Sapphire
14 Yuzuriha
13 Kinro
12 Tsukasa
11 Byakuya Ishigami
10 Taiju
9 Ginro
8 Chalk (Suika's Dog)
7 Ruri
6 Gen


And now for the Top Five!


Number 5: Suika

Suika from Dr. STONE


Number 4: Old Man Kaseki

Old Man Kaseki from Dr. STONE


Number 3: Chrome

Chrome from Dr. STONE


Number 2: Kohaku

Kohaku from Dr. STONE

Number 1 Most Popular: Senku

Senku from Dr. STONE




In anticipation for the season finale of Dr. STONE, we are publishing exclusive pieces all about our favorite exhilarating scientist! Tune in this week for interviews, deep-dives, quizzes, and more! 



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