Three-Member New Band "REIJINGSIGNAL" Joins Show By Rock!! TV Anime Third Season

The much-anticipated new season is set to premiere on January 9, 2020

In addition to Mashumairesh!! and DOKONJOFINGER, Sanrio has introduced REIJINGSIGNAL, another three-member new band who will join the forthcoming TV anime third season from its mixed-media character franchise Show By Rock!!, titled Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!


The girls band consist of Rararin (CV: Lynn), Sumomone (Yu Serizawa). and UiUi (Minori Suzuki). In the press release, they are introduced as "a talented girls band realized by the three signals who have been rampant by self-producing in the music scene." Their double A-side debut single "Parallelism Crown/Neon Tetra no Sora" is set to be released on March 4, 2020.




REIJINGSIGNAL band visual:


Rararin / Lynn:


Sumomone / Yu Serizawa:



UiUi / Minori Suzuki:



Following the first season Show By Rock!! (12 episodes/April-June 2015) and the second season Show By Rock!!# (12 episodes/October-December 2016), the TV anime season Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! is set to premiere on January 9, 2020. Instead of the first two seasons' Bones, Kinema Citrus newly works on anime production. 






 - Howan (Hikaru Tohno), Mashima Himeko (Yuko Natsuyoshi), Delmin (Misaki Watada), Ruhuyu (Aya Yamane) -





 -Yasu (Kento Ito), Hachin (Shohei Komatsu), Joe (Yuki Ono), Sojun (Yusuke Shirai) – 





Source: Sanrio press release


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