Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 1 Debuts on Crunchyroll a Week Ahead of Japan

Watch "Journeying Parent and Child" right now!

Somali and the Forest Spirit


If you're as excited as we are about this season's Somali and the Forest Spirit anime, you'll be delighted to know the wait is over. Crunchyroll premiered episode 1, "Journeying Parent and Child," today, which means it's available a full week ahead of the Japanese debut.


You can watch the episode here, and add it to your queue via the show's official page.


Somali and the Forest Spirit



The world is ruled by a diversity of inhuman beings, who persecuted humans and drove them to near-extinction. One day, the forest guardian Golem meets a human girl. This is a chronicle of a journey that would bind a member of the dying "human" clan to the forest guardian Golem, as father and daughter.


Somali and the Forest Spirit continues on Thursdays at 9:30am PST. Learn more about the series in our Winter 2020 Spotlight article. 




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