Dine Like Lina Inverse at Animate's Slayers Café

Anniversary event will recreate dishes from the series


Lina Inverse of Slayers knew good food when she saw it... so of course an anniverary celebration for her series has to include a collab café!


The 30th anniversary of the light novel series turned anime is ramping up its celebration with a themed dining experience, courtesy of Animate Café and Good Smile. Visitors can try out real-world versions of some of Lina's favorite dishes... or at least as close as we can get in real world terms. On the menu are black dragon donburi (made with pork and cabbage), White Mail pizza pie, and lamb chops with herbs, among others:



Dessert options include a limited-time Valentine's Day plate, which you can get with your choice of character image, and a pudding parfait reminiscent of Naga the Serpent...



The drink menu includes a variety of non-alcoholic options inspired by the show's characters. If you're feeling lucky, you can order a Giga Slave (non-alcoholic sparkling wine, lemon juice, and a lemon slice)—the drink comes with a die, and if you roll an odd number you'll get a limited-edition present. If you'd like something alcoholic, there's a Fireball (hot mulled wine) and a Freeze Bullet (vodka, soda sherbet, carbonated water, and lemon zest).



Goods, gifts, and tableware at the café will feature new art by Slayers illustrator Rui Araizumi:



The café will run from January 15 to February 17 at Animate Café locations in Akihabara and Osaka.


>> Slayers 30th Anniversary Café Website

Source: Comic Natalie





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