Tokyo's Official Sailor Moon Café Adds Magical New Treats to Its Menu

New events and showtimes are also being scheduled


SHINING MOON TOKYO is a dream dining destination for Sailor Moon fans, featuring a themed menu and live shows. With the start of the new year, the restaurant is expanding its menu and preparing for some new shows and events.


The venue's food and drinks are styled to be reminiscent of your favorite Pretty Guardians, from color-coded smoothies to artistic platings. New to the menu are four main dishes: a roast beef plate with a moon-bunny rendered in rice, a five-piece Sailor Guardians nigiri sushi platter, eggs benedict with a Luna and Artemis theme, and a vegetarian taco rice bowl:



New in the restaurant's dessert selections are a cute pink-topped tiramisu, a selection of tiny cakes in the Inner Guardians' theme colors, and a Tuxedo Mask-style affogato:




SHINING MOON TOKYO will be adding afternoon matinee shows to its schedules on weekends and holidays starting February 1, where previously the lavish musical was solely a dinnertime event. Additionally, patrons can look forward to special events throughout winter and spring: major plans are in store for Valentine's Day (February 14), Hinamatsuri (March 3), White Day (March 14), Easter (April 12), and Rei Hino's birthday (April 17).



Source: Comic Natalie



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