Yuji Yamaguchi, Director of Studio DEEN's Fate/stay night Anime, Passes Away

Official Twitter confirms the passing, but doesn't go into details

Yuji Yamaguchi


Some sad news was announced earlier today, as Studio DEEN confirmed the passing of Fate/stay night director Yuji Yamaguchi. DEEN initially made the confirmation via its official Twitter, but the tweet in question has since been removed. No cause of death has been revealed.


Yamaguchi is known for a wide variety of anime projects, from directing Studio DEEN's 2006 take on Fate/stay night to the studio's 2010 anime adaptation of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and beyond. Other series director credits include 1999's Angel Links, 2001's Strawberry Eggs, 2007's Touka Gettan, and 2014's Z/X IGNITION.


Beyond being credited for directing full series, Yamaguchi helmed episodes for a number of notable anime. Hajime no Ippo, Suite PreCure, Outlaw Star, and Brave King GaoGaiGar Final are just a few of the shows he landed an episode director credit on during his career. 


Our thoughts go out to Yamaguchi's family members, friends, and fellow members of the anime industry. 


Source: Yahoo! Japan


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