Screening Event in Kobe Promises Godzilla vs. Kodan and Rakugo

Classical storytellers Nanryu Kyokudo and Katsura Monshirou offer their takes on the iconic movie monster

A promotional image from the original 1954 Gojira film, directed by Ishiro Honda, featuring the iconic movie monster attacking the National Diet Building.


"Kogan" and "Rakugo" may sound like the names of Toho movie monsters, but they're actually traditional forms of oral storytelling in Japan, and now a screening & talk event in Kobe in March of 2020 will offer audience members a chance to experience The King of the Monsters in kogan and rakugo form.


A promotional image for "The Future of Special Effects through Godzilla" talk & screening event, featuring the poster for the 1954 Gojira film and promotional photos of master story-tellers Nanryu Kyokudo and Katsura Monshirou.


The event, entitled "The Future of Special Effects through Godzilla", will take place on March 18, 2020, at the OS Cinemas Kobe Harborland venue in Higashikawasakicho, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. There will be an afternoon showing at 1:00pm JST and an evening showing at 7:00pm JST. Both showings include a kogan performance by Nanryu Kokudo and a rakugo performance by Katsura Monshirou followed by a screening of the original 1954 Gojira film.


Tickets to the event retail for 2000 yen ($18.20 US), and seating is limited to 140 people per showing.



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